The process of joining the Association:
1. Submit the membership application.
2. Review and approval of the application.
3. Issue membership card and press card.

The Code of the Members:
1. The card is used to certify the identity of the membership of the American Photographers Association, it can only be used by the owner, and not allowed to be used for other purposes.
2. The card shall take effect after it is sealed.
3. The badge and seal of the card should not be altered or forged, otherwise the card becomes invalid, and the association retains the right to pursue legal actions.
4. The member of the Association has the responsibility to comply with the constitution, to implement the resolution, to defend the rights and interests of the Association, and to pay membership fee on time.
5. If the card was lost or damaged, in addition to declare invalid, only after application and examination, the card will be reissued.